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Rain Gutter Hangers vs. Gutter Spikes – Which Should You Choose?

So, you’re getting ready to have new gutters installed on your home or business, but you aren’t sure which fastening system is right for you. Not to worry, Coast to Coast Gutters is here to help! This short article will explain the difference between the two most common fastening systems used on seamless gutters today: spikes and hangers.

So which one is better? Simply put neither one. While there may be a better quality spike or hanger, both fastening systems are terrific when used properly and installed correctly. Spikes tend to be more common in the southern regions of the United States, such as Florida, where fascia boards are typically installed on homes at a slight angel as pictured in the image. For homes with angled fascia boards, spikes are the best choice. Using spikes will compensate for this angle and prevent it from sagging over time. In addition, spikes and ferrules are an excellent way to eliminate those unsightly wedges providing a beautiful finish for your home.

On the other hand, hangers are much more popular in the northern regions such as New York where snow and ice buildup is the leading causes of gutter detachment. Heavy accumulation of snow on the roof eaves pushes down on the front of the gutter thus causing the fasteners to come out. Luckily, homes in this region are typically built with a flat fascia board, meaning there is no angel, thus providing ample support for the back of the gutter making hangers and screws a great choice.

If you are still wondering what other difference there are between the two fasteners, we have a short reference chart for you below.

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